Talesun’s New Generation MBB Module Be Honored with Certifications from Both T?V S?D and T?V Rheinland

Release Time:2018-12-07

Talesun announces its new generation MBB module passing through the new standard IEC testings from two German based authoritative authentication institutes, T?V S?D and T?V Rheinland. Talesun believes that MBB module is with high quality, high reliability and excellent performance, and will be a competitive product in module market.

Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies Co. Ltd., a global leading photovoltaic project developer and clean energy products provider, announced recently that their core product of new generation module, the creative MBB modules of both mono and polycrystalline, had won through in the IEC new standard test of T?V Rheinland, right after the achievement of IEC new standard certification from T?V S?D in the past November. So far, MBB module passed through the tests of these two authoritative authentication institutes, proved significantly its superiority in the quality and performance, and thus provided more reference to customers.

Along with the rapid development and extensive application of photovoltaic energy, quality requirements to photovoltaic products are getting higher, and greater demands also happened to product certification standard. Keeping the long-term reliability and power output of photovoltaic products when in outdoor applications is one concern those industrial professionals are continuously trying to resolve. In 2016, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) officially promulgated the new edition IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 for performance and safety standard of photovoltaic products, which was a sign that more stringer of the entry barrier was implemented from the testing and certification end. According to current understanding that authentication companies will shift all testing to new standard and not accept testing based on old standard, by end of 2019.

Dr. Ni Zhichun, Vice President of Talesun, said:” Very pleased to witness Talesun’s MBB modules of both mono and polycrystalline passed through the double certifications of two institutes. Certification standard testing is only the entry threshold to the market. With the implementation of the new standard, the entry threshold will be more stringent. We are in confidence of our technology and apply higher company quality standards than new IEC standards. Success of the testing is within expectation. And we believe the pass of the double certifications of two authentication institutes will make our products more competitive in the market.”

Being as the core product of Talesun’s new generation module, MBB is excellent in product reliability and outdoor power generation performance. After aging testing of TC600 and DH3000, the module power loss is less than 5%, which is far below industry level; and the outdoor power generation is 3.8% higher than normal products. The outstanding performance of MBB makes it widely favored by customers. MBB module not only meets the market requirement for higher power product, but also bring extra benefits to customers. It surely will be a black horse in PV module market.

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