Project Development and EPC

With innovative technology of renewable energy power solutions, Talesun extensively participated in development and EPC business of solar PV projects in various regions of the world since 2011. In 2019, Talesun successfully finished the largest solar PV power station of South America, the 315 MW Cauchari PV plant which locates in Cauchari area of Jujuy Province, Argentina. In 2019, A2A, the largest Italian power and gas plant provider, has signed a deal to buy a 1 GW solar development pipeline from Talesun, as part of its push to start building subsidy-free solar projects. With cumulative developed and built more than 7 GW PV projects globally, we will carry on executing our growth of development and EPC strategies in the distributed and utility segments while further diversifying our client and optimizing our solution to expand our footprint worldwide.

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